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    The ultimate in short breaks for musicians! A year round calendar of practical courses for all levels and led by tutors who excel in their specialist areas. Groups of up to 10 in number.For details please consult the DIARY page.
    A unique programme of weekend courses throughout the year aimed at progressing jazz players. Each course focuses on a different area of Jazz from Blues through to Contemporary. There is also a Starter course for those new to Jazz. Our experienced Jazz tutors will guide you through the styles and help you to learn and develop your skills through practical workshops and group playing. For details please consult the DIARY page.

  • The Music Workshop - Testimonials

    "The venue was lovely"

    Jan Winder - clarinet

    "A great balance of practical, theoretical and experimental elements of jazz. Loved it."

    Hamish Napier - piano

    "The course was very successful in providing a level playing field"

    Edward Mitchell - guitar

    "Thanks for a great introduction to jazz. I really enjoyed it and have booked the next 3 courses"

    Paul Singleton - saxophone

    "An enjoyable and informative course with good ideas"

    Iain Wilkinson - guitar

    "I thought that the choice of material was excellent"

    Ian Wilson - bass

    "Great weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it"

    Allyn Pratt - saxophone

    "The atmosphere at the Old Schoolhouse was relaxed and the mood supportive rather than competitive"

    Les Goldman tenor sax

    "Amazing to play with a new group for just two days and get the feeling wed been together for years"

    Bob Inglis - trumpet

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