The Music Workshop is run by Rob and Abi Hall and is based at an old schoolhouse in rural Scotland. They have two children, Jemimah and Jacob who go to the village school next door.

The idea of using a schoolhouse for music may well subconsciously have had its conception in a composition which Rob wrote during the 1990s The Old Schoolhouse which was recorded on the CD Heading North (FMR). Rob had been inspired by two Scottish arts venues he had performed in, one on the Isle of Mull, the other near John O Groats in Caithness, both of which occupy successfully adapted former school buildings.

[Rob] "I grew up in an environment where I was often around musicians. This had a big impact on me when I was very young and is something I would like my own kids to experience. Its been a dream of mine for years to develop a place to run rehearsals, workshops and courses and were so happy we finally found somewhere to do this. I hope it will become a place where people can come and make time for music as well as relax and enjoy the wonderful countryside around here."

[Abi] "An old house has a history and its always fascinating to discover about its past, who has lived here and how the different parts of the building were used. In the wash house for instance we discovered the original washbasins and a large metal cauldron sitting above a fireplace with the chimney still very much in tact. Im looking forward to stripping back some of the more recent modernisations in the house to reveal the original features. Im looking forward to welcoming people here."


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